Board and Officers

2023-2024 Organization Officers

President  Denise Gorski

1st Vice President & Campaign Chairman  Alycia Dzik

2nd Vice President & Assistant Chairman  Shana Bandelean

Secretary Mary O'Coin

Treasurer  John Kokocinski

Assistant Treasurer  Scott Dungey

Community Investment Committee Chairman John Kokocinski

Immediate Past President  Kris Marier

2023 - 2024 Board Members

Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group that not only raises money for our local community, but also provides their expertise and time in order to make a difference. It takes the entire community to support our mission—to enhance the organized capacity of people to care for one another. We are focused on three primary goals—Income, Education, and Health. The agencies we partner with provide support in times of need, guide each and every person toward a goal, and continue to offer health and human service support to improve the quality of life for those in our community.

Board Members

Denise Gorski, Board President

Jenna Androlewicz

Shana Bandelean

James Beaudry

Christina Blackwell

Michelle Cristo

James Croteau

Jay Detarando

Scott Dungey

Alycia Dzik

Elizabeth Hamilton 

William Keefe

John Kokocinski

Kristina Leduc

Christine Lee

Christopher Mallon

Lori Morrill

Jose Ortiz

April Parzych

Betsy Peppel

Rosemary Picard

Elisabeth Prince

Nicole Riley

Brenda Sullivan

Richard Thomas

Esther Vargas

Alan Whitney